Re: Snow

Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 13:21:43 PST

Welp, got the M1009 out and went to the feed store.
Bought a 25 lb. bag of bird seed, the reason I tried to
get out of here in the first place. They already ate all
my wheat bread and were eyeballin' my dog. Hadda do
something. Now, I'm in the middle of Alfred Hitchcock's
production, Birds! Good, real good, they're scatchin'
the snow off of the pool cover. Now to lay some seed
around the wreckers and get them to dig 'em out.
This is a goodly snow fall, though a blizzard as described
by the TV media, but if you're as old as I am, you know
what a blizzard is. Snow storms such as this were
very common in the fifties and sixties. Heck, having
no electric for a week or so was not uncommon. I'm
blessed down here in South Jersey, hundreds of farm-
land as my front view. Of course, when the Nor'Easters
hit, I lose some mv's to the drifts. Fun. Snow better
melt soon, Daytona Bike Week is coming up.
Joe Young

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