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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 15:40:47 PST

It's highly unlikely you will get exhaust pressure at cranking RPM. Get
yourself a can of Berkabile 2+2 carb cleaner to spray in the intake before
you crank it over.It's not as volatile as ether, but it will catch fire. If
you have enough spark it will kick on that. If not, make sure plugs are
clean, and if you can't get points, run some emery paper through them to
clean them. Also make sure they open and close.A good gestimate is the
thickness of a matchbook for the point gap. (any old beetle owners out
there?) Brian
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> Hi All:
> I was finally able to get back to the deuce this afternoon. In trying to
> start it a couple of questions came to light. Please keep in mind I can
> not be sure all pertinent switches are set to start the truck as it was
> completely reworked by the local FD and converted to 12 volts. I'm trying
> to make sure I have spark, gas etc first as the truck ran when it was
> donated to charity in 1999 and my simple mind says it should Still start.
> After removing the air filter hose/elbow from the rear of the Holley carb
> today I find that when cranking the engine I am getting good suction
> there. However when I go to the tail pipe there is virtually no pressure
> coming out. All of this is when the engine is turning over. It never
> tries to catch.
> I have a spark, tho it is weak, at the plugs. I'm going to check with
> NAPA or a local parts shoppe which specialized in old patched up engines
> and generators for better ignition parts. And realized there are two more
> gas filters to be replaced ( in front of and behind the add on electrical
> fuel pump, which does seem to work ). There are no holes in the exhaust
> piping. Nor any holes in the muffler.
> What bothers me is the lack of pressure coming out of the tail pipe. Even
> if there were no fuel or spark, I would think there should still be
> pressure coming out of the exhaust pipe. Could anybody tell me if I
> actually feel pressure at the tail pipe when cranking the engine?
> This may well not be related, however could someone tell me if the black
> canister on the right side of this photo was original military equipment
> for this REO? It has a steel tube running to the bottom of the carb. I
> don't know what to call it, and could not find a photo showing it in the
> tonight. Does it relate in any way to the ignition system?
> Thanks for your help again!
> Paul
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> '53 REO Fire Conversion
> '53 AEC Chevy 3/4 Ton
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