Re: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

From: David Ball (
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 19:13:27 PST

I think we all should just get on with it. "There is nothing too fear except
fear itself" picture a fat old guy with a stogie.


I got Beans, Beer, Ammo and LPG enough for a month you need help just ask I
will jump in a green truck and get there as quick as possible. I always keep
supplies on hand since I live right next to the San Andreas Fault in
California and you never know when it might shake the looters out of bed and
knock a few bridges over and take out the power for three weeks.

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> >"OK here is the Paranoid Schiz in me"
> Continued distraction from the fact that our economy is sucking wind.
> While this non descript "Red Alert" nonsense goes on, a town nearby me
> is emptying out with people selling 1,600 sq/ft houses for $21,000
> because all 1200 employees in the local mill were laid off, which
> effectively means this small town has no employment. Much easier to tell
> everybody to be afraid and ducttape up their homes than it is to figure
> out how to stop American jobs from being sucked away to other countries
> (like the 1200 jobs I mentioned).
> Sorry all... but the fact is each one of us has a greater chance of dying
> in our bathtub, falling down stairs, or spattering ourselves on a tree
> doing 70mph than we have being attacked by anybody. Yet you don't see
> people running around like a chicken with their heads cut off over any of
> the common day to day dangers that prove we are mortal.
> Do I fear a bio attack on me? No. Do I fear getting shot by a hunter
> half in the bag in November? No, even though the chances are FAR
> greater. I wear my orange blaze and take my chances because no idiot
> with a gun is going to prevent me from walking around my own land and
> enjoying my life. And not terrorist idiot is going to do the same
> either. If we give into fear and paranoia, they have done far more
> damage than any attack ever could.
> No offense to Dr. Mike at all here. Just trying to add some perspective
> in general, not towards any one in particular. I am just getting really
> tired of the perpetual war with not even a hint of a solution being
> pushed forward except smoke and mirrors.
> Steve
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