RE: [MV] M37s at Dover, NJ show?

From: Baker, George R. - Eastman (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 05:37:26 PST

I have had over twenty M37s, this is in my opinion the best MV to start out
with. Parts are plentiful, easy to work on, and it's probably the most
useful and versatile. Get one, you'll love it!


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Subject: [MV] M37s at Dover, NJ show?

Hi all,

Is anyone planning on bringing a M37 to the Dover, NJ show? I've been
thinking aout purchasing one (my first MV) and would like to get up
close and personal to a real one. I've been reading alot on the web and
in old issues of MV magazine. Also, I'd to talk to some owners.

I just joined the MTAOFNJ.


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