Re: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

From: Combat (
Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 11:13:07 PST

I cant believe ANYONE with pride in this country would support ANYTHING to
do with Michael Moore. He is a hard core leftist and a poor excuse for a
campaigner of rights- he and his Union brethren are what has caused this
country so much financial and moral bankruptcy, so when you talk about pink
slips you can thank that idiot Moore and his liberal (overpaid) sheep. And
HE IS anti-2nd ammendment and if you read his latest interviews makes NO
bones about it. Oh by the way he and Hillary are also quote : "on the same

> I urge anybody who hasn't thought about how fear is used to distract us
> from the real issues to check out Michael Moore's recent movie "Bowling
> for Columbine".

> , their employer
> is probably busy printing up their pinkslip. >

> Steve

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