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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 14:24:44 PST

>From a friend I have who is in the inactive reserves (high rank) who was
up on 9-11 from his civy job and not seen for 3 months after....

In response to the Dr's message that I forwarded to him bout the Potassium
Iodine pills. His reply:

"Hmmmmmmmmmm...I have my tablets....plenty of each....they were distributed
some time ago....

I have no comment beyond that..."

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> Before I retired I moonlighted as a NBC Consultant. Dr. Mike here is what
> have to say about it all this.
> 1. In regards to Potassium Iodine it is better to have it and not need it
> than to need it and not have it. It is the cheapest insurance that you can
> have and it works for terrorist dirty bombs, nuclear accidents and WW III.
> As a Doctor I don't have to tell you this. This is really for the others
> the list to find fault with and they will. I am smart enough to know that
> is not "if", but "when" all this will happen and it eventually will. I
> had my Potassium Iodine pills for ten years now and I feel very
> with having them and not needing them so far.
> 2. In regards to the Duct Tape and plastic again it is better to have it
> not need it than to need it and not have it. Again as a Doctor you know
> advantage of having the husband go boil water. The biggest problem with
> is the lack of information by the Government or media. Sealing up too soon
> will make you run out of breathable air. Sealing up too late will not help
> at all. Sealing up at the right time gives you the one chance in a hundred
> to save your ass when you have a government that no longer cares about
> Defense. If I had to give the order to release the information to buy Duct
> Tape and Plastic myself here is what I would have said: Buy your Duct Tape
> and Plastic as a precautionary measure. Have it, but wait for proper
> notification to use it. If you are scared and want to use it now then by
> means do the windows, but not the doors. You do not want to cut off your
> supply of oxygen until the time comes. It will not hurt to do just the
> windows. In fact it should help lower your heating cost in the Winter
> 3. In regards to stock pileing antibiotics. Be sure to buy only the
> ones. The ones mentioned so far are some of the right ones. You really
> three choices here. First you buy now while you can get them. Two to wait
> until you need them and there are none and three to wait for the
> to give them to you when something happens. Yea right. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I
> needed a good laugh. The real problem with number three is that after you
> show the first symptoms it is too late. Even the hospitals and doctors
> not waste antibiotics on a dead person, but you know this all this Dr.
> because you are a Doctor. Only propolatics will work and you know this
> Again this is for the list to find fault with and they will.
> So Dr. Mike thanks for sharing your information. I appreciate that little
> piece of information. I am sure there are other that do also. To the ones
> that don't and don't like mine either just use your delete key.
> Floyd
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