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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 17:44:35 PST

The points were dirty on the engine that would crank, (the starter is dead
on the other) Once I got the points cleaned up it fired right up. It moved
forward great but wouldn't back up. I could tell that the trans was trying
to turn but was like it had the brakes on. I called Tim Garrett of Auto
Paint and Performance in Shepardsville, Kentucky (M5A1 owner) and he said
that it won't backup unless both engines were running. He said to get it
going forward and turn the switch on for the other engine and it would bump
start. I did and it started right up. So I was able to get it moved to the
spot where I used to park the M114. Oh and the siren works, the neighbors
thought we were having an air raid or something.

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what did you do to it?????
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> It runs...both engines!
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