Re: [MV] Is your hobby out of hand?

From: Bjorn Brandstedt (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 06:15:32 PST

When the center piece on the fireplace mantel piece is a used fuel injection
pump for the LD-465 multifuel engine. Bjorn

>From: "Jeff & Hanna" <>
>To: <> (Military Vehicles Mailing List)
>Subject: [MV] Is your hobby out of hand?
>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 04:33:56 -0600
>You know your Military Vehicle "hobby" has gotten out of hand if...
>1. You refer to your 2002 Monte Carlo as "Charlie One", and it has
>a "A good driver..." decal on the inside door panel.
>2. The local coin-operated car wash is refered to as "the wash rack".
>3. The aforementioned Monte Carlo does NOT get parked in the garage,
>and has a hint of "34079 Forest Green" overspray on it - as does
>everything that IS in the garage.
>4.You compulsively watch the Weather Channel and 3 weather websites
>HOPING for a crippling snowstorm.
>5. "Julio" at Auto Zone has a gallon of 90w and a can of Ether
>sitting on the counter for you when you walk in.
>6. You nearly go off the road every 1/2 mile when driving in the
>country because you are constantly looking behind barns for the
>residue of overgrown rusted unrestored military relics (much to the
>chagrin of your wife).
>7. Slightly mildewed canvas smells GOOD to you.
>8. You think your neighbor's 4wd Magnum V8 longbed crewcab is "cute",
>and you ask him with a straight face if it has an attachment for a
>mower deck.
>9. You honestly believe that there is a non-commercial civillian
>justification for owning an M-whatever bizzillion ton cargo truck.
>10. Your life's goal is to own a tank.
>11. You own a tank.
>12. You own more than ONE tank.
>13. You tell your wife you NEED an M35A2 "in case the M37 gets stuck
>again". Recalling the towing bill, she agrees.
>14. You tell your wife you NEED a 10 ton Ward - LaFrance wrecker "in
>case the M35A2 gets stuck again". Recalling your campaign of whining
>RE: the M35A2 purchase, she agrees.
>14. The gas station by your house issued you a Citgo "Platinum Card",
>all the clerks on every shift know you by name, and the owner sends
>you a Christmas card every year.
>15. You have, in your lifetime, worn out a grease gun.
>16. You have "WeeBee Webbing" on speed dial right between "Marriage
>counselor" and "Batteries Plus".
>17. 97% of your saved "ebay" searches have the letter "M" in them.
>(The other 3% have "Army").
>18. Your vehicles have more antennas than seats.
>19. You ran the local Ace hardware out of paint stencils.
>20. You are reading this - because you comb internet Military Vehicle
>websites and publications, or some other diseased idiot with a bunch
>of green junk you regularly hang out with showed it to you.
>1953 M37 WoW
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