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Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 16:37:07 PST

  Kevin Strain Here, I have a M813, 5 Ton With 18 Ply Super Singles. I have three sets of chains for all wheels. The truck
weighs 22,000 lbs with my two 75 gal fuel tanks and two mounted spairs. My chains are mil spec. Do you think that I need spair links? What else do I need to carry?
  If I want to run through 5 foot of snow, do I have to use all
the chains on all wheels? With a truck set up as I have described, what is the maximum depth of snow that I can run on forest service maintained roads? I also have a 20,000 # winch, and snatch block for help to get out of trouble.
  Does any one in the San Francisco Bay Area or the Costal Mountains North have any intrest in running up to and over Mt. Hull north west of lake Pillsbury in a month or less in a 2 1/2 or 5 ton?
Kevin Strain (415) 440-4044 Petaluma Ca.
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Howdy List;
I use my M35A2 almost always in the snow. In the past 5 years I have had
I have put about 4000 miles on forest service roads durring the winter.
Sometimes the snow drifts are as high as the hood! A few things I have
learned in that time;
-Weight is everything. With 4000 to 6000 pounds in the back, and chains on

all wheels it will keep on pushing till it kills the engine, even in low
range. An empty truck you can power slide all wheels with chains (woo
-With non-directional tires, you need chains to get through the deep stuff

(2 feet or better). I would like to find a 9.00x20.00 tire in a traction
tread and try that, but this size seems to be getting real hard to find.
-Tire chains made for 7.50x20.00 tires fit the round profile of the stock
tires very nice. You can also get this size with v-bar reinforcements and
ice biters. Not as hard to put on as the military type, and they weigh
This used to be a common size for school busses, so you might check with
your local bus contractor if you live in snow country. I got 3 pairs of
duals style and 2 pairs of singles this way.
-Carry repair parts and proper tools to repair your chains. If I have a
heavy load and deep, heavy snow, I will break a cross link or two about
every 10 hours of use.
-Carry shovels and shovelers! Have fun!

Todd Logan
321 Hwy 135 So.
Plains, MT. 59859

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