Re: [MV] NuclearAttack Medical Treatment

From: Patrick Jankowiak (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 18:56:53 PST

Actually, it's potassium iodide you want. has alot of info
(and sells the stuff) Now if you go there, check out plan "B". you can
apparently buy the chemical openly, and make up your own doses. The
jist of it is "" here:

"Made up into a solution of 130mg per 5cc. (1 pound of Potassium
Iodide to 17.5 liters of water) gives a solution where one teaspoonful
equals one adult dose, 1/2 teaspoonful equals a children’s dose and so
forth as per schedule below.

Dispensed from appropriate sites including the hospital , parking
lots, drive bys, etc. in any container as is very stable. Paper cups,
drink bottles, with dosage directions.

Taken for ten days (even one dose is markedly effective) or as
directed via appropriate authorities. Solution is somewhat unpleasant
and can be masked by honey, syrup, soft drink, additional water, etc.

The solution as made up is equal to 130mg per 5cc (1 teaspoonful)
Adult dose is 1 teaspoonful
Ages 3-18 ½ teaspoonful
Ages 1 month to 3 years ¼ teaspoonful
Age 1 month or less 1/8 teaspoonful"

Be sure to ask your physician, don't take my word for it.

And remeber iodine itself is poisonous, including such things as
betadine solution, etc. Those water deputrification tablets can be
dangerous too. Best to check all this out beforehand.

Michael Howell wrote:
> I am a physician in a rural Mississippi town. I probably treat 100% of
> our local postal workers (I think it is 3) and even talked to the
> postmaster today. He didn't say anything about this. I hadn't read any
> of this to ask him. Makes me wonder if this applies to the whole
> country or just Oklahoma. I would be more worried about it if targeted
> to certain areas rather than just a general precaution.
> Mike
> Tishomingo, MS
> Gundocmike wrote:
> >Howdy List,
> >I don't know any other what to state this except to be blunt. I am a physician in a small rural
> >Oklahoma town. I treat probably 90% of the local federal postal employees. In the last 2 days I have
> >treated almost every local postal worker, they are all bring in papers from the government asking to
> >have a physician certify that this particular postal employee can take "Potassium Iodine", in the
> >
> >
> >
> >
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