You know your MV hobby is out of hand:

From: Trish & Carla (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 22:56:01 PST

You know your MV hobby is out of hand

You are in the local Veterans
day parade as part of the MVPA group,
but afterwards, decide to crash the
party on the way out by getting into
the real ARMY MV convoy in order to leave
the event in a manner that gets you
through all of the red lights really fast! :)

This really happened a couple of years back
here in San Jose where, after parade was over,
we dodged our M37 comvan into the middle of
the Active Army Military convoy that was heading
back to the armory.

We stayed in the army convoy for about 2 miles,
and then broke out of their column, and waved
as they made the turn into their compound ..

Since I work for the City of San Jose and most,
if not all the San Jose cops know our M37 Comvan
on sight, we got thumbs up signs from the cops at
intersections, but the driver of the Army hummer
that was doing security at the end of the column
seemed to be both perplexed and pissed off..

I think they may have been wondering if we would
actually try and go into their compound with the
other vehicles.. har..

Anyway, was a great 15 minute ride through down,
and The column was doing about 35 to 40 MPH on
downtown city streets, and included M48's,
Bradley AFV's and some M113 APC's
along with the Hummers.


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