Long Gamagoat

From: Beth (bcarrell@neo.rr.com)
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 06:20:41 PST

Okay, so we finally had a break in the weather, actually got up to 42
degrees here in NE Ohio, so I finally had my chance to work on the goat.
Busted out the LO and began. Well, actually first I was smart enough to go
shopping. Stopped in at Harbor Freight and picked and air-powered grease
gun, creeper, a 3/4" breaker bar and a few other odds and ends. Stopped at
the auto store for some 90W. Got home, fired up the goat ( easily, thanks to
the oil pan heater), and got to work. It wasn't long before I realized the
following: 1) There are more zerk fittings on the goat than the actual
fittings manufactured in the last year 2) Most of them are in places only a
contortionist can get to 3) Most required cleaning before they even worked
4) It was certainly meant as punishment when a military mechanic was told to
do the PM on one. Having been in the military ( USMC 85-91), I know how it
operates and can only imagine the mechanic not nec. hitting all the grease
points. Anyway, I persisted and got to as many as I could. Next I moved on
to the diffs. Of course they are tight, which was fine. Luckily I hadn't
driven the goat more than off the trailer and to the BMV for registration
( 3 blocks). Rear diff. I added a bout 4 pints, center okay, front okay. I
Also, I noticed how bad the condition of some of my tires are ( translates
in to $$$ ).
After all that I thought I would take off the tranny cover to check oil
points and such, and just look around in there. That went okay, and I got to
checking the transfer case ( looked a little muddy) and the transmission.
Tranny took about 4 pints, transfer one pint ( needs drained and changed).
Dripped some oil in the cups and reinstalled. Started her up, drove around
the block, yahoo, got into third for once without a grind. Got held up in a
snow bank ( went to 6 wheel and got out) Back in the garage just 6.5 hours
later. I still need another couple warm days to finish PMs and clean the
thing up.
This was my first experience with an old military machine, and I really must
say for 32 years old, not in too bad shape. After the PMs are done, and the
cleaning , I will work on the tire issue, hopefully Sam Winer ( about 25
minutes from me) will have tires for me, then it is onto repainting, I
thought I would return it to 1985 style camo, like the goat we had in our
arty unit ( D 2/11) and add the appropriate markings ( yeh, I know you can't
use the markings of an active unit ) . Then a rear canvas, got the front
curtain, then I suspect I will be available for parades, the local cruise-in
and such.
All in all a good day of work on my day off. Well the work didn't end there,
just the usual, make dinner, the 4 kids home from school, mediate their
battles, make the house look like I actually cleaned instead of lying under
the goat all day. Now we are headed back to the teens and below in temp, so
I am anxiously awaiting summer.
I did forget to mention the brake light switch isn't working. I'm thinking
it would prob. be easier to go to a mechanical switch of some sort that is
actuated by the pedal itself, any suggestions ?

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