Work mule

From: Keith Byrd (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 21:48:10 PST

I have a friend that has a reforestation business. He wants a mule to use as
a spray rig. He is presently using a four wheeler ATV. He says he wants
something he can mount a bigger tank on. I told him I would try to find him
a mule.
Here is what we want:
                                      M274, any model, preferred 2AO42
engine, don't matter how good a shape it's in as long as it is complete
enough to run. Can be missing things like side rails, seat, engine guard,
engine cover, etc. As long as it's complete enough to run. Not intrested in
fresh paint, or good looks, this thing will be used clear cut pine forest.

Thanks friends!!!!!!!!!

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