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From: Rikk Rogers (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 11:51:13 PST

Yes we do!
The price runs from $200 for something small and simple to just whatever you
want to pay for something large and intricate.
The problem with doing stained glass is that so few people understand the
time and work that go into a piece.
I am still looking for someone with an MV that wants it done in glass.
I have seriously thought about setting up at a large MV show and doing the
"top winner" as a gift to the owner, and building it on site at the show,
but time and ready cash seems to always keep that on hold.

And yes, we fought city hall and won.

Rikk Rogers - RK Lion LTD.
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Subject: Glass

Hi Rikk:

        I was wondering if you create Stained Glass works? I've a couple of hard
to shoppe for relatives who would love something along these lines. But
other than selling 100 year old windows I have no idea what such art runs..

        2nd question if it's not too much: was the ' ancient history ' account on
your site your own battle with local ... intelligence challenged people?



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