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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 01:24:27 PST

I second that....
A couple of months ago, during a long weekend with my wife in London,
England, we visited the Imperial War Museum. On exibition was a LRDG
Chevrolet as it was salvaged from the Sahara a couple of years ago. Many
items looted since the war but still in a remarkably 'well preserved' state.
Well worth a visit by the way.



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>From: "Steve Grammont" <>
> > First of all, how are you expecting to find the stuff? Just walk around
> > the countryside of Russia with a metal detector? :-) In order to even
> > over there someone would have to know of something pretty much for sure.
> > Otherwise it would 99.99999999% chance of being a complete waste of
>I have for many years thought it would be so cool to go to north Africa and
>look for WW2 stuff. Kind of a day dream thing. I always figured Europe
>too crowded to find anything good that wasn't already spoken for. I
>the locals in North Africa probably scavenged everything they could years
>ago, but what about stuff that was too far out in the desert or buried
>sand. Are the governments in those areas today something you can work
>I have little money, little time and little sense. But I have lots of
>ideas. I have already dreamed up a recovery vehicle that could go out to
>the deep desert and pick stuff up. Anybody got the money?
>Seriously, has anyone ever made any real attempts to locate and remove such
>things. I figure with today's thermal imaging and other high tech things I
>can't spell, you could find stuff that has been lost since the war. Forget
>Russia, lets look for booty in the desert.
>Just another off the wall thought from,
>Joe Trapp
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