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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 11:51:27 PST

well i went out to look at what was supposto be a half track and it ended up
being a cletrack 3 of them are these things worth anything and a
international M-5H-6-361 says it was a dump but appears to be a tractor now
with trailer and a gm dump truck all the good pictures i thought i had ended
up not being taken card was full but some new pictures on the site
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id like to know what this old stuff is worth maby ill buy it. i need
something for a hauling truck. sure wish it would of been some rear armor
for a track maby next time. it was really cold out well hope you folks can
fill me in on what i have found . thanks
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Subject: [MV] MV Parts & Radio stuff on EBay

> Posted some extra goodies I need to unload. Check it out at:
> Or search by my ID: greenradioman
> Thanks
> Paul Vandervort
> MVPA 437
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