From: fred@militaryvehicle.org
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 14:52:12 PST

Mark is alive and well and wants to sell us paint.

his explanation re web site.

I did offer to help him out. In the meantime:

Hey Fred,
    We appreciate you letting the listers know our
phone numbers, as our website is currently
"down".......the reason being is our host has left
the country or something like that. Rapco is very
much going strong, but we are limited to phone or
email orders only. We are having some kind of
problem being able to post to MVList, so if you
would be so kind as to let the listers know that
we are available am to 5pm Monday through Friday
CST via telephone at 940-872-2403 or fax
940-872-3406 or they can email us at

Thanks in advance,
Mark Dodd
Rapco Parts Company

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