Re: [MV] trenching shovel and Pic's of sight for Russian 45mm AT

From: Steve Grammont (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 08:01:34 PST


These things are very common. You can usually pick them up for $10 to
$15. They generally come in a vinal holder though, not leather. The only
ones I have ever seen are old East German ones.


>Greetings All:
>Anybody have stock of entrenching shovels used by the old Eastern Block
>Countries? Looks very much like the German WW-II shovel with straight wooden
>handle. Non folding.
>I picked up a used one at Churchville a couple of years ago for
>$20 with leather sheath. Need a couple for a motorcycle sidecar rig.
> Need to see what the sighting device looks like for the Russian 45m/m AT
>gun which was a copy of the German Pak 37 AT.
>Many thanks
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