From: Eugene Pantano (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 14:37:15 PST is what I dug out of my shop this morning..
1. 3...5 ton wiper motors new in boxes... $30 each.
2. 4 boxes of shackles for the HMMWV..there are about 50 of them - new in bolts. $12.00 each
3. 2 in the box NOS seat cushions for the HMMWV with the bolts and boards
on back. $35 for the pair
4. ONE pair of NOS medium ballistic armor windshield glass in the box for
HMMWV.. $50 for the pair....set...whatever..
5. HMMWV air the box..$25.
6. Lots of HMMWV ball joints ..
7. Lots of "IN THE BOX" geared hub assemblies for the HMMWV..these are
fresh units with a dealer price for the HUMMER of $1700 each... $250 each..
Lots more to come.. Gene

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