cold starts

Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 14:17:53 PST

My ether start on my deuce works great. Hold the switch to the right for three seconds and then let go; while cranking the motor of course, and a measured amount of ether is shot into the manifold. Starts immediately. Evidently the ether kit is an upgrade from the manifold heater. Truckers and tractor guys been using these for years. Got one from a tractor dealer and installed it on my Iveco diesel truck. That truck had a glow plug manifold heater that was worthless. One interesting note, had a can of ether that was full yet the truck would not start. Took apart the whole ether kit and found no problems. Then discovered that ether, unlike refrigerant does not supply it's own pressure (refrigerant's temperature/pressure relationship). Ether cans have CO2 in them for propellant. At least I'm well versed on my deuce's ether start upgrade!

Dave McConnell

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