Low hours on Tachometer

From: James Shanks (n1vbn@bit-net.com)
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 10:59:15 PST

Bjorn and list members,

         I drive a tri-axle dump truck for a living an average of 60- to 85
K per year. In that time frame I have had the shop replace the tachometer
twice. First time the total meter quit and the second the needle snapped
off. Truck is a 1992 Mack RDX-686 350 HP E7-728 engine with a TRX 12 speed
engine and 4.44 rears for a top governed speed of 62 MPH. Just like driving
a Deuce loaded (only heavier, I gross out at 73,000 Pounds and yes Virginia
the tire pressure is a little bit higher 110 Pounds) put your foot right to
it and hold it there. The truck when I parked it December 13, 2002 had
465,841 miles on it and yes it is the original engine except for a new
camshaft/lifters is original as delivered. Low hours on your tach? They
replaced it. Not a big deal, does it work? Yes? It does? Good!! Move on to
next item in your inspection that matters and if you tachometer reads
ridiculously low hours be thankful.

         Remember all you Deuce owners the working range for all Multi-fuel
engines is 1500-2300 RPM MAX IS 2600 RPM. Beyound that engine speed you can
expect certain items inside your engine to become UFO's. Not a good thing.

James Shanks
MVPA 23128
1998 IMZ 8.103 Russian OD paint job right from the Factory. (Built in the
original plant in Irbit, Siberia, Russia. Comes complete with sidecar. Sold
in US as The
Ural Tourist.
1984 HD FLHT-C

At 12:05 AM 2/27/03 -0500, BRANDSTEDT@aol.com wrote:
>You may want to double check the odometer/hour meter readings since 48,000
>miles in 426 hours will result in an average of over 100 mph.
>Perhaps the hour meter is no longer connected or a new tach/hour meter has
>been installed for some reason. New engine?
>New speedometer?

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