Re: [MV] NH law

From: Steve & Jeanne Keith (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 12:04:30 PST

I'll bet if youcheck state law you might have a little problem.....

Most/all states have 'junkyard' laws. This is a MAJOR step
forward here....

Steve AKA Dr Deuce

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> I guess that's an improvement, I'm not familiar with NH law.
> I never thought that I'd praise the Lord for me living in NJ.
> I have an extremely large collection of vehicles, both MV
> and civilian, plus small mountains of derelict tires, scrap
> metal piles, falling down sheds and five storage containers.
> Large piles of dry rotted canvas, that I have take off of trucks
> I got in, line the front yard. No complaints and no fences.
> Joe Young
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