From: Eugene Pantano (
Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 13:25:38 PST

Still digging and finding neat stuff.. THIS IS ALL NOS..NO USED STUFF..
Listen up..
for the HMMWV
Air Filter $25
lock ring for air filter canister.NOS..$15
2 only new rubber dog bone parts for the hood latches..$20 pair
brake shoe sets (one wheel each set) $20 set
yokes for calipers..2 only $20 each
PLATES-covers- for headlight wires under the hood..$15 a pair.
one new switch w/shield wiper motor..$15
5331-01-335-8878 - "O" rings for rims..have only 10
One only speedometer..$38
One only - fuel gauge..$20
One only battery hold down assembly $14
One only..NOS cover left side..rear seat/storage box..$30
w/shield wiper arms...4 only..$15 each
Mirrors-side ..drivers side..3 only $20 each
Covers for under front seats...drivers..$12 each
One pair..composite lights..$45
2 only - horn button kits..$15 each
Fuel filters...$10 each

FOR DEUCE and 5 ton..800 and 900 series trucks....and anything else with the
vacuum wiper motors...6 only..THESE ARE THE NEW STYLE...$30 each
heater motor NOS..$20
Deuce air filter $30
and ..the bestest surprise....
8 only...side mirrors for the deuces and whatever..the long narrow
ones...$20 each...
Gene, Colorado Springs

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