Military Vehicles, November 1996,: 24v Electrical

24v Electrical

David P. Dusenbury (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 17:21:25 -0500

I have found a 24v 10k winch. Can someone shed some light on 24v
electrics as compared to 12v. The M715 has a 60amp alternator. I
ASSume that this compares to a 60amp @ 12v alternator in power output.
(i.e. it wouldn't be the same comparable power as a 30amp or 120amp 12v

I know there are relationships between amps/watts/volts etc, but really
don't know exactly how they work.

With two standard batteries, should the 60amp alternator be able to
handle this adequately, or should I try to find a higher output 24v

My Jeep CJ has an 8k winch on a 45amp alternator. It really needs a
120+ alternator, to help keep the winch running longer w/o completely
discharging the battery.