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Re: Military Jeep Purchase

Auke Dijkstra (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:19:53 +0100

Russell C. Lowrey wrote:
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> >Mike.Fuller wrote:
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> >> I am interested in purchasing a military jeep for restoral purposes.
> >> I would like to know how I should go about getting a jeep fit for
> >> restoral. Does the government still sell the jeeps for $50... If so,
> >> what condition are they in when you receive them. Any help at all
> >> would be appreciated.
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> >Hi Mike,
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> >I'm afraid the time of buying $50 jeeps is over, here in Holland
> >the Goverment is selling M-38-A1's for about $4000 (You have to make
> >an offer, and for $4000 you will get one most of the time).They are
> >doing this for about 7 years now and the price has not changed.
> >The M-38-A1's are in very good condition mostly runners, very complete
> >some have new engines, you can't test-drive them, so you have to
> >check everything very carefully and hope the engine runs well.They
> >also sell Land-Rovers LWB and SWB also "88 cut-away 1/2 ton" but they
> >mostly go for $5000 or more, and there are also the bigger DAF trucks.
> >The trucks aren't that expensive you can get a very nice 3-ton DAF for
> >$900, but they usually don't fit in the garage. The M-38-A1 is a very
> >popular jeep overhere at the moment they are for sale at every dump-
> >dealer in the country, and the British are also very busy hauling
> >them across the channel. Beside the Dutch-Goverment sales there are
> >also very many ex-East-German and Russian vehicles being sold.
> >You can get a very nice and complete GAZ-UAZ-69 for $1200, it comes
> >with all the tools etc.etc. The WW2 MB and GPW jeeps are more expensive
> >and you have to take an expert with you if you want to check one out,
> >because more and more Hotchkiss or Phillipine-Replica's are being sold
> >as being original WW2 jeeps (It is sometimes very hard to see the
> >difference) I don't mind Hotchkiss or Replica jeeps as long as they
> >tell what it is. I asume the prices in The States are about
> >the same as in Europe, so I wish you luck, a very cheap jeep isn't
> >always the best buy!!
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> >Auke Dijkstra
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> >Auke
> I was just wondering how so many M38A1's got into Holland? I was surprised
> to read that. Are they the same as those in the US? Nice writing with you.
> Russ Lowrey-Derry, NHRuss

The Dutch received a few hundred M-38-A1's in '52 from the "mutual
defence assistance program" they came from the US, so I presume
that they are the same, they have a 72hp Hurricane engine. In '55
they began building the M-38-A1 in Holland in Rotterdam and Dordrecht.
They build 7500 M-38-A1's and they called them "Nekaf-jeeps", I don't
know that much about the M-38-A1, but they all are 24 volts, they
have 2 12v batteries just in front of the front window, and they
have a slave-battery connector on the right side (just behind the
front fender). In general they are the same I guess, the only
thing that could be different are the lights, they have to comply
with the Dutch regulations, and are a bit different in shape etc.
I saw an ex-Swiss army jeep last week. It looked like a M-38-A1,
but a closer look learned that it was a CJ-5, very nice jeep!!

Auke Dijkstra