Military Vehicles, November 1996,: Re: horror stories

Re: horror stories

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> Subject: horror stories
> Date: Wednesday, November 13, 1996 3:30 AM
> In my travels around the web in search of information about military
> vehicles, i've encountered numerous horror stories about what happens to
> such vehicles when they're sold at government auctions. I've heard of
> poor, innocent trucks,(excuse me, i'm a sensitive person), being chopped
> up into little pieces and crushed by heavy mechinery all in the name of
> something called the "demilitarization process". How then do fortunate
> trucks such as mine escape this violent, brutal death and wind up in the
> hands of caring civilians? Wolf

Certain vehicles, such as the M151, are considered unsafe to drive on
highways. In the case of the M151, it's because the independant suspension
makes them very unstable in turns. The government doesn't have a problem
with military members driving "unsafe" vehicles, but in attempt to protect
the innocent public, and possibly prevent a major lawsuit, all M151's are
"demilitarized" before sale to the general public.

The M151 was originally "demilitarized" by cutting it in half. When the
government found out that people were just welding the two halves back
together, they decided to cut them into four pieces. Because the major
problem with the M151 is with the independant suspension, they are now
cutting the suspensions also. There has been a number of orginizations, the
Military Vehicle Preservation Association for one, that has been leading a
campaign to try and stop the "demilitarization" of certain vehicles on the
basis of historic preservation. The same way people have been trying to
stop the government from using old tanks to create artificial reefs in our

Most military vehicles are standard production line cars and trucks that
meet all federal saftey specs, so when sold don't need any
"demilitarization." The cars, pick-ups and heavy trucks for example. They
are commonly sold at auctions comlete and running. The only vehicles
destroyed before sale are ones that specifically haven't met U.S. DOT
saftey regs.

The latest outrage from the government in regards to the M151, is the rumor
that they are thinking of "confiscating" 151's that are in one peice, in
the name of safety.