Military Vehicles, November 1996,: 6x6 light brackets

6x6 light brackets

Chuck Chriss (
13 Nov 96 9:25:03

Does anyone have a pair of front fender light brackets which hold the amber
composite lights on later model 2.5 ton and other big iron?

I have the light units which are about six inches high and five inches
across. They have a big amber lens top front and a blackout light rectangle

On some of the 6x6 trucks there is a unit which bolts to each front fender and
provides a mounting point for the light unit, has an angle so the light is
vertical on the sloping fender, and provides some cage protection for the light
in case of brush or other hits. I want to mount the lights on a non-mil truck
and I think these brackets would be the right way to do it.

Any take offs available?

thanks for any help,