Military Vehicles, November 1996,: 1. Paint 2. Radio Equipment Available

1. Paint 2. Radio Equipment Available

Edward Greeley (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:39:50 -0800

1. Can anyone steer me to a source of paint as used on WW-II and Korean
era Army tactical radio equipment? This will be a low-lustre (not
dead-flat) "O.D." paint which will not be as dark in shade as most of
the "O.D." paint used later. I'm not even sure that it could properly
be referred to as O.D. since it has a lighter, more yellowish cast than
the common O.D. seen today. In any case, I will appreciate a source,
preferably in aerosol cans so I don't have to gunk up my spray gun to
paint small items.

2. Is anyone interested in some Korea era tactical radio equipment for
their vehicles? I have some RT-66s, RT-67s, RT-68s, PP-109s, PP-112s,
and a number of the mounts for those items. The items are as-received
from DRMO, not restored or modified. They do have the correct, original
dials, meters, and knobs which our uncle in his infinite stupidiy
removed on most of the later disposals of that equipment. If
interested, E-mail me and let's talk.

Ed Greeley