Military Vehicles, November 1996,: M151


Todd Paisley (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 00:02:12 -0500

>The paperwork trail from the DRMO to you is double duty as it helps you
>prove the vehicles were mutilated to satisfy the DRMO/DoD and they should
>help you in titleing. Actualy, the titleing is rather simple even if you
>have to go a roundabout way such as the Alabama or Arkansa route.

So, when you buy a M151, even though they were "destroying,
multilating, etc." so it cannot (in theory) be used, the DRMO still
considers it a vehicle? Very interesting. (I always thought you
were buying scrap metal, not a vehicle...) Has anyone gone through
this process before? I'll try getting a serial number off one of
the M151A2s I want to buy and see how far I can get by using the

DRMS to provide me with the proper paperwork certifying that the
vehicle was destroyed and a copy of the paperwork certifying that
the scrap metal that was once the M151 was legally sold. If they
are going to all the trouble of keeping track of what serial numbers
are removed from service, then that information has to be somewhere.
I'll keep you posted on whether I am sucessful.

Todd Paisley.