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Re: 1. Paint 2. Radio Equipment Available -Reply

WIDD-James (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:18:14 -0600

I've dealt with RAPCO extensively and found him to be very reasonable
on parts prices. He price on paint is about the best around. I've used his
paints on two of my vehicles and there are four or five other vehicles
here in town with his paint. Very good quality and no problems. I highly
recommend Mark Dodd at RAPCO.

PO Box 191
Bowie, Texas,76230

Jim Rice

>>> Gale Barrows <> 11/14/96 09:51pm >>>
>1. Can anyone steer me to a source of paint as used on WW-II and
>era Army tactical radio equipment? This will be a low-lustre (not
>dead-flat) "O.D." paint which will not be as dark in shade as most of
>the "O.D." paint used later. I'm not even sure that it could properly
>be referred to as O.D. since it has a lighter, more yellowish cast than
>the common O.D. seen today. In any case, I will appreciate a source,
>preferably in aerosol cans so I don't have to gunk up my spray gun to
>paint small items.

Several companies offer paint in the varous colors/shades.
A few include:
PO Box 191
Bowie, Texas,76230

Alan R. Haage
34 Maine Trail
Medford, NJ, 08055

Antelope Valley equipment and Truck Parts
44532 Trevor
Lancaster, CA, 93534

Also of interest would be a supplier of stencils and/or decals for
putting on your stars and other markings.
Rick Larsen
527 Benine Road
Westbury, NY, 11590
516-334-2411 (12-8pm EST only)