Military Vehicles, November 1996,: WANTED INFO for WW2 radio (SCR-609)

WANTED INFO for WW2 radio (SCR-609)

Rick Green (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 22:32:18 -0800

I am looking for some info for the WW2 radio (SCR-609). I have found a
mint condition one that was redone in 1960. It has not been modified in
anyway. It includes the FT-250 vehicle mount, MP-48,CS-76(I believe)
and several other items. It is complete and still is in the crate. I
was wandering if $450 is a good price for it? Like I mentioned it has
all the small parts in it. Just someone who has experience let me know
what you think. Another thing, I bought a parts F script jeep and found
a great condition radio suppression box under the dash, and I am
restoring my jeep to a siginal corps jeep, so could you give me some
information about this box. Also does anybody have any F-script jeep
parts for sale at a reasonable price. I am willing to trade parts. I
also have a good supply or radio cables and power cables from early 50's
to brand new radios that I would be willing to also trade. Just let me

Thanks for everything Jason E. Green "Let's keep them