Military Vehicles, November 1996,: MB/GPW jeep enthusiasts

MB/GPW jeep enthusiasts

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1) The 1997 MB/GPW jeep Calendar "From Bougainville to Borneo" is now available. There are 13 black & white photos from the WWII South Pacific theatre on heavy gloss paper. One photo per month plus the cover.

2) It is mainly jeeps including a GPA, (we only had 161), plus the odd GMC.

3) There are detailed captions, providing information on the vehicle or where the photo was taken.

4) The Calendar section will also contain certain pertanent Australian & Allied historical dates of the WWII period. Plus some current international significant dates.

5) The Calendar with postage and handling is $30.00AUD for all international sales. Post is by AIRMAIL (5 days delivery)

Payment Methods

We accept Internation Money Orders in Australian funds, made out to "History On Wheels".

We also accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. For Credit card transactions please FAX, PHONE or POST your cc details:
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to 61-2-9972-7575 (fax).

All transactions will be concluded at time of shipment. Transactions will be processed in $AUD, so exchange rates are handled by the Credit card providor.

HISTORY ON WHEELS Ph: 61-2-9972-7979 Fax: 61-2-9972-7575
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John Edwards ('42 Ford Script Owner & jeep Researcher)