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Frank Robertson (
Wed, 20 Nov 96 04:01:41 UT

Where in Tn. are you located? I'm outside Mem. I may be able to give you a
hand. If you have a heater you're luckier than me. I am restoring a M-20
Armored car I plan to show it in Germantown Dec 7. It has no heater or any
real way to shut it up to keep the cold out. I feel sorry the guys who drove
it durning winters in Germany.

From: on behalf of BOBBY JOE PENDLETON II
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 1996 3:11 AM

I have a 1953 m211 (2-1/2 ton truck)and I am having trouble with the gas
heater.It will only run for about 1-2 min. be for it shuts off. does anyone
have any idea what is wrong with it? It is staring to get cold here in