Military Vehicles, November 1996,: DRMO Sales

DRMO Sales

David DeChambeau (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 15:54:17 -0500

WARNING! DRMO Auction Alert!
The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Organization has sold 100's of
6x6 trucks over the last few months and an alarmingly high percentage
are going to the scrap yards. Many trucks are represented as fair-good
or better and unsuspecting individual buyers and wholesalers are paying
$3000.00 and sometimes more for them. Many of the DRMO trucks are from
military bone yards and many have been painted and shod with new tires.
The military is going as far as replacing the dry rotted hoses and belts
on engines that may or may not even start, giving the appearance of a
servicable vehicle. This practice may be legal and adds cosmetic appeal,
yet the going price paid to the "new owners" from the local scrap yard
is still $150.00 I am personally familiar with a group of 10 trucks,
purchased by an honest business man, that had a failure rate of 60%. Of
the 10 trucks moved from the DRMO, one truck's engine lost a rod and
five others could not maintain over 45 mph during the several mile trip.
I suppose that's why many of the DRMO trucks were in military bone yards
to begin with. At another auction I attended in the DRMO Aberdeen
Proving Grounds, Maryland, of the five trucks sold some unhappy owners
paid $1000's for, %80 (4 of the 5) trucks were faced with storage fees
from the DRMO, an expensive towing fee to the local recycler or used as
very pricey static displays in their yards. I have heard of similar
consequences from DRMO Ft. Bragg, DRMO Tennessee and DRMO Norkfolk Va.
Watch the retail market carefully! Wholesalers that purchase 5-50 of
these at a time are now selling them to you! Don't be fooled by new
paint, tires and seat covers. Buyers Beware!