Military Vehicles, June 1997,: RE: [MV] Re: State Farm Insurance?

RE: [MV] Re: State Farm Insurance?

Rich Sherman (
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 13:07:26 -0700

All my vehicles are insured as they actually are i.e. M35 is a military =
2.5 ton truck, not a civilian dump truck or something. For these =
'collector' vehicles they require:

- A picture of the vehicle
- Statement of actual value
- That I belong to an appropriate club or organization relative to the =
- The vehicles are not my primary transportation (daily for work)

I actually get an 'antique' rate on one vehicle only (a fire truck), the =
rest are a higher premium, for the WC51 I pay about $325 per year.

I did have a claim with the M35. I live on a long private road shared by =
several families. One time a person (the kids are getting driving =
licenses) came flying down the hill and tried to squeeze past me and =
rubbed against my rear wheels & tires scrapping up the side of their car =
pretty good. State Farm handled the whole thing, they said it was =
probably not my fault since I was stopped and had yielded the right of =
way. They did not raise my rates at all, and kept my 'good driver' =

I have been with State Farm for years, the above incident has been my =
only claim, and my agent is very happy whenever I call or go to his =
office, usually with another vehicle. They even insured a 1930 Ford AA =
truck I used to have.

Hope this helps.

Boulder Creek, Ca.

From: Michael G. Howell
Sent: Monday, June 02, 1997 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: [MV] Re: State Farm Insurance?

I have been following the insurance thread every since I got on the list
and would like to make some comments and ask some questions.

I have had more than usual trouble getting my M725 ambulance that I
bought at the Dallas MVPA 2 years ago insured. The guy I bought it from
had State Farm but it was listed as a pickup. My Farm Bureau agent was
going to write it up as a van, but I had been looking at antique car
insurance and asked if Farm Bureau had an antique rate. When my agent
asked the home office for a rate on an antique military ambulance, the
response was that; "Ambulances are on the banned list and we cannot
insure it at all." Any discussion of use, speed, no siren or red lights
etc brought the same response. I then tried one of the antique insurers
like J.C Taylor and was told that 1967 Jeeps were not collectable. Then
I tried another regular insurance agent, but my total bill for all my=20
regular cars plus the ambulance was much more than I was paying without
the ambulance. I finally just gave up.

Now for the questions.

Do all of you that have regular insurance have your vehicle listed as a
military vehicle or some close civilian equivalent like van, pickup

Do most of you with regular insurance use your MV as regular or
part-time transportation?

Has anyone had a claim? How big was it? Did it get paid without any

To Rich Sherman and others with a large collection; Do you pay full
price for each vehicle? Minimum libility to get on the road in
Mississippi is about $150.00 a quarter times 6 is about $4000.00 a
year. (the multicar discount is only about 5% in Mississippi) =20
Are the fire trucks listed as such or just trucks?

How many people take Gary R. Downing's approach and "self insure"?
It's illegal in Mississippi to drive on public roads without any
insurance. If someone hits you and even if it is their fault, they
don't have to pay if you have no insurance.

Michael Howell
Tishomingo, Mississippi
M725 x 2
M37 x 3
M135/211 x 5

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