Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] RE CCKW stuff

[MV] RE CCKW stuff

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (
Wed, 4 Jun 97 08:51:19 EDT

The brake line going to the front was used to shut off the front brakes when
going over barbed wire so that a front hose getting caught and torn off would
not result in total brake failure

The inside of the cabe was the same as the outside.

The common trailers were:

1 ton Ben Hur cargo (single wheel)
1 ton Buffallo Springfield water buffalo (single wheel)
Searchlight/Smoke generator trailer (dual axle single wheels)

The 1 tonners are somewhat difficult to manuver as they are so much shorter
than the truck and usually cannot be seen. I can just see the wingnut that
holds down the hatch cover on my water buffalo in my rearview mirror.

Steve in NH USA

The 'fleet'

1943 GMC CCKW LWB closed cab cargo w/M32 MG mount
1944 GMC CCKW LWB open cab F1 aircraft refueling tanker
1942 GMC CCKW LWB closed cab shop van

1942 Chev 1.5t closed cab cargo
1944 Chev 1.5t open cab M6 Bomb truck
1945 Chev 1.5t clossed cab telephone (auger) truck

1941 Buffalo Springfield steel 250 gal water buffalo
1945 Buffalo Springfield alu 250 gal water buffalo

1943 M6 Bomb trailer
1944 M6 Bomb trailer

1944 Ben Hur 1 ton cargo trailer

1978 M151A2 Jeep

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