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Re: [MV] M37 Marking Questions
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<< P.S. - Whoever it was on the list that said "Happy Sanding" a while back
right. It's pretty cool when you first begin to see the markings appear. >>
Here is one little tip I can offer when trying to uncover a painted-over
registration #.
It sounds stupid and you will be skeptical to begin with but it has worked
beautifully for me. The trick is to use Carb and Choke cleaner when sanding.
Brake Cleaner and WD-40 work also but not as well. Carb cleaner seems to
attack most commercial spray paints and other types of paints but it much
slower to fade the GI blue drab and OD. It will cause some fading so be
careful not to use it too much. Carb cleaner also darkens the area you are
working on for a moment before it evaporates. This causes a contrast that
makes an otherwise invisible number appear very clearly. I would have
destroyed the reg # of my first slat grill if I hadn't accidentally
discovered this trick! DISCLAIMER: I make no guarantees about YOUR
success with this method I can only say that it has worked for me. You still
have to be very, very careful and equally patient.

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