Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Slat Grille Parts

[MV] Slat Grille Parts

Jeff Polidoro (
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 23:08:46 -0400

I am planning to restore MB 101578 which is a 12-2-41 Slat Grille. I
would like to buy any NOS parts I can for this project. I also need an air
cleaner, rear seat, 2 long hood to windshield latches, solid wheels, top
bows, small neck fuel tank and an orig engine or block, basically the
usual stuff that everyone needs. I would be particularly interested in
finding NOS speedometer, gas gauge, tires, air cleaner and other electrical
parts like headlights and taillights and wiring harnesses.

If you have some of these items but don't want to part with them for cash,
I have quite a few parts I am willing to trade including much NOS stuff. I
have NOS M-38 fuel tank, radiator, fording kit, plastic headlights,
steering wheel, exhaust, tie rods, tool box lids, tailgates, top bows, rear
seats (w and w/o cushions), battery boxes, etc. Have a couple of Ramsey
Model 50 winches for M-38, also. I also have a few NOS GPW parts like Temp
gauge, ring and pinion sets, etc. I have NOS MB stuff like fenders and
crated engines. Plus lots of excellent T/O parts like dozens of combat
rims, pintle hooks, rear seats, windshield frames, fenders, engines, etc.
Also have several complete MBs, GPWs and M-38s.

Also have many CJ2A parts like NOS key and coil with Willys keys and all
kinds of hard to find, excellent T/O parts and many complete vehicles.

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