Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] The List

[MV] The List

David C. Decker (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 16:00:25 -0700

I think all of us can agree that this list is very, very helpfull for
many reasons. We continue to add members daily it seems. I have posted
the following request a couple of times and have received favorable
responses. I guess it is time to do it again. Could you folks PLEASE post
your name and your location when you make a request for parts and/or
info. The answer/part you may need may be right around the corner from
you plus you will find that there maybe MVPA members living close. You
may have a rig for sale, but if you live in the Eastern US or offshore,
the price and condition would have to be damn good for myself or another
who lives out west to respond. (and vice versa) Remember, this is an
international list. One more thing and I'll get off the soap box. A
number of members list their vehicle types after their names. I think
this is a splendid idea which I have copied as well as a number of other
people. This lets others know who they can turn to for info/parts and
with the address may help like vehicle owners to get together. I
especially liked the guy who has a bunch of vehicles and even went so far
as to say for example, M135x2, etc. I showed that one to my wife who
thinks I'm nuts for owning a 'few' MVs myself. "You see, honey, there are
more crazy guys like me out there, they must have an understanding wife
also." (of course that didn't go over, but it was worth a try.)
Thanks also to the gent who related the story about the WW2 pilot and his
jeep in a crate. They really do exist, it seems. How many more are out
there? (thanks for sharing that one)
NOW--you can hit the delete button if you wish, thanks for listening.

Dave in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
+misc. MV stuff.

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