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[MV] MVPA Directory

Jerry Cleveland (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 07:52:12 -0700

Michael Meister wrote:
> Jerry,
> I caught your message on the Mil-Veh list. Wanted to ask you a
> question. I've been a member of MVPA for two years and was wondering at
> what point do I submit information concerning my two vehicles? I've
> heard about the directory and would like to get in touch with other
> Bantam owners, but I'd also like to have my info in there so they can
> contact me as well.
> Keep up the good work w/ Supply Line
> Mike Meister
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Hi, Michael;

Thanks for the note. The MVPA Directory is a problem: Everybody asked
for a Directory and we published four free ones. Then the association
really started to grow and the D-5 Directory hit 400 pages. Obviously,
we had to charge for the Directory - I think is was originally $20 - but
we only sold about 1/4 of the thousands we printed. Many have been
"pulped" because we simply didn't have the storage space for all the
pallets but some are still available. And they continue to be useful: I
refer to mine every day.

We have talked about a new Directory. There are businesses that produce
Directories for organizations such as car clubs and churches at no cost
to the group. We may go that way but the big problem remains an
underlying sense of paranoia among our members: "Will the government use
the Directory to search for and seize my (apparently illegal) M151A2?"
is a common question.

Certainly the MVPA Board of Directors will value your input and I'll
forward your message to the MVPA HQ for inclusion in our Board Book for
the July BoD Meeting in Memphis. As they say, "Stay tuned!".

By the way, I've enjoyed your homepage and will include a link to it the
next time I update MVPA Online. Looks like you are doing great work on
the jeeps. Have started a frame-up on an M38 I can really appreciate
your effort.

"Keep 'em Rolling!"

Jerry Cleveland, SUPPLY LINE Editor
Military Vehicle Preservation Association

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