Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] An Invitation To All

[MV] An Invitation To All

Dominic Forlizzi (
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 00:02:38 +0100

All of at MV Magazine, in the UK, would like to extend an invitation to
all military vehicle enthusiasts to send their wants, sales and letters
to us for publication in the magazine.

We're working on the issue that will be on sale at the Beltring show (in
addition to our normal circulation in 15 countries), so it's an ideal
opportunity to let Europe know what you're up to - and if you're looking
to buy or sell parts, or even a complete vehicles, now is the time to
get your bits and pieces in print and in front of the legion of
enthusiasts which make Beltring the largest show in Europe.

MV is published by committed enthusiasts - Nick Bullock, the editor, has
got a stable full of Mules (among other gems) - and is written from an
enthusiasts point of view, for the enthusiast - young _and_ experienced
and we all feel its time to let the enthusiast have their say.

Obviously, all submissions will be run free of charge and if you've got
pictures, all well and good. You can send your ads or letters by e-mail

If you know anyone not on the net who wants to make a submission or you
have to post some pictures (which we'll return, of course) please send
them to:

Jordan Communications
Unit 6
Martindale View
England. CA16 6PP

Thank you for you attention and any replies will be appreciated.


Dominic Forlizzi

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