Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] 28V Regulator for M-880 trucks

[MV] 28V Regulator for M-880 trucks

jhlang (jhlang@Sourcecom.Com)
Wed, 11 Jun 97 11:02:54 -0800

Hi List,

I have an M882 truck which has the 28V DC generator. A while back I
picked up a regulator for this off a junked truck. All the wiring was
hacked up, but all the connectors were there. Can anyone supply me
with information on how to wire it up? Schematics? Diagrams? It is
about 5.5"Wx7"Lx4.5"D, with two large cannon connectors. These are 5
pin connectors, tow large pins that will accept up to 4AWG wire, and
three smaller pins that take 12-16AWG.

Regulator Info:

Nomen: Regulator, Engine Generator
Mfr: Leece-Neville, Cleaveland OH.
Type: R0015027RD
Rating: 100A, 28V
NSN: 2920-00-900-7993

Any info will be helpful. I really want to get this going, I need to
use the radio equip I have installed.


Jared Lang, SCMVCC
Burbank, CA, USA

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