Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Re: spare parts for STEYR and PINZGAUER

[MV] Re: spare parts for STEYR and PINZGAUER

Michael Pontikos (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 16:12:20 +0300

> Dear sir/madam,
> We are a leading importer/exporter in Cyprus and worldwide countries,
> dealing with items in Electronics, Security, Military, Police, Fire
> services and Airport equipment.
> Our company's priority is government tenders. For each product our
> company has the specialist, technical and executive personel.
> We have a government request for 2724 STEYR spare parts and 706
> PINZGAUER spare parts. These parts must be original and new.
> These two companies already have representatives for their company's in
> Cyprus.
> The government request for these parts happens every year so far this
> year there is only a small request. Usually around 2 million USD worth
> of parts are requested per year.
> The Cyprus army uses STEYR, PINZGAUER, and jeep MERCEDES. The STEYR
> model 14M14 and 1491.330 is manufactured in Greece by the factory ELVO
> and STEYR. The PINZGAUER is manufactured in Austria by the facory PUCH.
> We have got the international part no. for all the parts that we want of
> STEYR and PINZGAUER, therefore if you know of a company which has these parts available please reply to

Also there will be a request for Land Rover Defender new original spare
parts around 27-30 thousand sterling pounds worth therefore if anyone
can help us find a company that has them please reply.
> Please help if you can.

> Best regards
> Michael Pontikos
> Managing Director

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