Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] M54- Reasonable price?

[MV] M54- Reasonable price?

Jim Davidson (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 07:46:34 -0700

Hi folks:

I've been looking at an M-54A1, and being kinda new to the MV game, I
was hoping somebody could help me figure out what a reasonable price
would be for the vehicle. Here's the scoop on it:

1968 Kaiser M54A1 6x6
Fording Kit
Winch (Didn't see it operate)
Continental (I think) Multifuel Turbo Engine (I'm sure about that part!)
Bed, with troop benches

The truck is in basically good condition, certainly not pristine.

- There is one and possibly two leaking axle seals (oil on the inside of
the inner tire).
- The tires (11.00x22) are servicable, but worn and somewhat cracked.
- New canvas on the cab, seller claims to have new canvas and bows for
the bed (I didn't see them)
- Steering recently worked on, had new pressure and return hoses
- Seller claims 10k miles since drive-train refurb, the odometer read
about 10k.
- It drove quite nicely, steering seemed smooth, the brake pedal was a
little mushy. Gutless, but I suspect that's normal. :} Shifted well,
didn't pop out of any gears. I didn't try low range.
- Batteries probably shot, they were flat dead when we tried to start
- Already registered 'historical vehicle'. That would save me weight
fees here in California.
- The guy seems motivated to sell. His price was way high, and I was the
only person to look at it. (I just wanted to drive one!)

So that's it. I'm hoping for any advice I can get from you folks. What
is a reasonable price? what specific things I should look for on the
truck? (things that are often missing/broken), you know what I mean. :}

Thanks in advance!
JIM :}

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