Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] For Sale

[MV] For Sale

Nick Maggio (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 20:12:48 -0500

1965 M151A1-A2 For Sale (location is Dallas Texas).
Jeep is in overall good condition. The body is fair
and the drive line is good, the engine starts and runs
fine, the four wheel drive works. It is started or
driven at least once every two weeks. Jeep is titled
in Texas as a 1965 Jeep, and has Texas licenses plates.
I purchased it in Jan 96 at the MVPA show in Dallas, It
is a ex-DE-Mil (cut in half). Welds are not the best
looking but look OK to me structurally. It is within
about a 1/4 inch of square (I checked it after I got=20
it home). It drives fine and does not pull or dog track.
The body is an A1, however the engine is A2. I believe
the differentials, transmission and transfer case are
the same for A1's and A2's. The windshield is from an
A2 (has electric wipers not the old style vacuum). The
steering column is an A2, with A2 turn signals. It is
a 24 volt system, all the headlights, taillights,=20
stoplights and turn signals work. Blackout lights are=20
there but not hooked up. I had to install a rear licenses
plate light for Texas inspection. The fuel gage is inop
(I installed a new gage and sending unit, must be the=20
wiring at the panel). It had a 25 Amp generator with
the large external regulator, both were bad (didn't know
about that until after I got it home). It now has a three
belt,60 Amp Alternator. The list below shows everything
that comes with the Jeep,
Parts Carb
Extra Rebuilt Carb (Looks New, Cost 60.00)
60 Amp Alternator & Pulley (Spare)=09
Misc 24v Light Bulbs
3 Spare Tires / Tubes / Wheels=20
2 Wheel BRG. Kits=20
4 U Joints 1/2 Shaft=20
1 Seal Kit for Transfer Case
2 Seal Kit "F Wheel "=20
1 Rear WCyl 3/4" =09
NOS ROPS KIT 2/3 Installed see note (Complete less padding and tape)
NOS Heater Kit Complete=09
2 Door and Side Canvas (Vinyl) Kit=20
Used GI Gas Can with new seal and "DD". =09
Gas Can Strap and Footman Loops
NOS A1 Steering Wheel=09
NOS Shift & 4WD Knob =09
1 Manual -34 (A1-A2)=09
1 Manual -20 (A1-A2)
1 Manual 20P (A2)
1 Manual 34P (A2)
1 Manual -10 (A1)
1 Gal OD Paint (From Rapco unopend)

A note on the ROPS Kit, (purchased at the same time and same MVPA Show =
that I bought the jeep at.) This was a NOS Kit for the A2's. I was told =
when I bought it that it would fit a A1, WRONG. The last (backseat) roll =
bar mount does not fit, the underside frame on the A2 is different than =
the A1, however the front and middle loop is installed along with the =
seat belts and front nets. The shoulder belts, padding and tape were =
traded away. The back bar could be installed with a bit of work.=20

Price for the whole package is $3600.00, pictures can be E-Mailed to you =
in .jpg, .bmp or .gif format. For any other information please E-Mail me =


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