Military Vehicles, June 1997,: re: [MV] Jet Hot process on exhaust manifold

re: [MV] Jet Hot process on exhaust manifold
16 JUN 97 11:00:36 EDT

The process/coating is also available from Airborne Coatings in East
Hartford, CT. Actually the guys at Airborne are the chemists from Jet Hot
that went independent with a different formula. It works great and the claims
about lower manifold temps are true, and that helps engine efficiency as
well. They can do the color (black I guess for the A1?) in flat just by not
polishing the part. If you did want gloss and it dulls then you use "Mothers
Mag & Aluminum Polish" and it shines right up. I have no connection with
these guys but am a customer. We had them do the stock car headers a few
years ago complete with mufflers and turnouts. The job was done right, on
time and cheaper than Jet-Hot (by quite a bit). They said it is guaranteed
for life not to rust, chip etc. and so far I believe it. Racing (open wheel
with exposed headers) is a rather extreme environment for this coating and
it's worked great (and saved some burned fingers & arms to boot). Highly
Recommended process and company.

Good Luck,
Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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