Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] Re: Cummins TD engi

Re: [MV] Re: Cummins TD engi

Lee Phillips (
16 Jun 1997 14:06:38 +0100

The bare 292 block should be at least 35" long. How about a 350 or 400 =
small block chevy (29" block length) V-8? lots of parts are available, =
cheap. As far as "restoration" goes, once the original engine isn't =
there, it isn't much or a restoration. You CAN make it a fine looking, =
Military-Look truck, tho-

Lee Phillips
'55 M35C (REO)
Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake
Date: 6/16/97 1:54 PM
To: Phillips, Lee
From: Steven P. Allen

At 11:11 AM 6/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Last week I got a look at a 92 Dodge 4wd pickup with the Cummins 6-cyl
>5.9Liter (360cu in) Turbo Diesel in it. I made some rough measurments
>and came up disappointed. The B5.9L is a tight fit in the 92 PU. There =
>38 inches clearance between the firewall and the back of the radiator.
>On my M37 there is only about 34 inches, so the radiator would have to
>be moved forward for this engine to fit. It would also be a tight =
>laterally, as the turbo on the right side needs 18 inches clear from the
>engine center line.
>Maybe someone on the list has made this conversion and can share their
>experiences with us.
>Gil Huguley, '53 M37
>Methow, WA USA

Thanks for the info, Gil. Hot-rodders do lots of body/firewall mods to
squeeze bigger engines into old compartments, but I don't think many
restorers will buy into that, especially with MVs. The engine might work =
another MV, though.

Does anybody know the dimensions on Chevy 292 c.i. and Ford 300 c.i. in-li=
6s? Those are both good engines and certainly stronger than the old =
motors. The Dodge people out there might try the slant-six, but that =
awefull wide. Anybody ever try it?

Steve Allen, Rolla, MO, USA

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