Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] Re: Cummins TD eng

Re: [MV] Re: Cummins TD eng

Lee Phillips (
16 Jun 1997 14:52:30 +0100

The V-8 came to mind on account of the CHEAPness of it all [the Bang for =
Your Buck]. The width shouldn't be a problem - the whole engine isn't =
much wider than the bell housing (maybe 1-1/2" on each side). But, you're =
certainly right about preserving any kind of original look. I can relate: =
I saw a guy at a local cruise night that had a '58 Ford Pickup, pretty & =
sorta tricked out (BUT, still a truck) that he had put a Datsun 260Z =
engine into.... He was real proud of it, and It was a REAL SANITARY =
installation, but still .... I kept thinking that maybe the eggs had been =
kept too long or something, just not my cup o' tea.

Lee Phillips
M35C (REO)
Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake
Date: 6/16/97 2:40 PM
To: Phillips, Lee
From: Steven P. Allen

At 02:06 PM 6/16/97 +0100, you wrote:
>The bare 292 block should be at least 35" long. How about a 350 or 400
small block chevy (29" block length) V-8? lots of parts are available,
cheap. As far as "restoration" goes, once the original engine isn't =
it isn't much or a restoration. You CAN make it a fine looking,
Military-Look truck, tho-
>Lee Phillips
>'55 M35C (REO)
>Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake

Sure! I love the old chevy small block (my own "pet" engine is a =
mile 327, currently residing in my '69 4wd P/U). I guess it's not too =
I suggested the sixes because that would be closer to original =

Stev Allen

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