Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] What about an M37?

[MV] What about an M37?

Tue, 17 Jun 1997 13:07:48 -0600

Another appeal for advice from the list.

Last year I sold my M38A1 to buy an M151. I've enjoyed the MUTT, but now find
my interest wandering to something bigger, a Unimog or M37.

I've seen a couple Unimogs around, but nothing in my price range (basically the
4 to 5k I think I could get for the MUTT.)

But, I did find a M37 in a local boom truck yard that the owner picked up at
auction almost a year ago. He wants $1100 for it. He says he drove it back 30
miles or so from the auction with no problems. The truck seems complete.
Original flat head six. Looks like someone added power assist breaks. It has
a flaking yellow paint job and some rust on the bottom of the front fenders,
and some rust on the sides of the hood, but nothing too daunting.

The company/agency that had it before attached a large steel rack over the cab
and front hood, supported by bracing off an extended (and home made) front
bumper and a roll bar-type set up in the bed. They made a couple cuts in the
bed to install the rear bar and bracing. The front set up is bolted on and
looks like it could be unbolted and replaced with an original bumper. A piece
of steel mesh sits where the grill should be, so I'd need a grill.

My main concern with a M37 is its reckless top speed of 45 mph or so. My M38A1
had the same problem and it was difficult to take it anywhere. Some freeway
travel is a fact of life around here (Salt Lake City, UT) especially if you
want to get to decent camping, fishing, or off road spots. While the MUTT is
not fast, it can motor along at 60 mph or so, making it less of a road hazard,
and tolerable for a family trip to the mountains.

I've been following the M37 engine swap discussion with interest. Is there
anyone out there who has one with a swapped powerplant? If so, how has it
been? What kind of performance do you get (top end, mileage, off road low
end?) And last of all, how much should I plan on spending to do it? (I've
read somewhere a 360 V8 fits.) Lastly, Is a grand too much for an rough, but
operating M37? Any particular problems I should look for with these machines?

I appreciate any and all feedback,

Chris Davis
'62 M151
Salt Lake City, UT

PS - A special thanks to Arthur Kyle for maintaining this terrific information

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