Military Vehicles, June 1997,: FW: [MV] What about an M37?

FW: [MV] What about an M37?

Hayes-Holgate, Shaun (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:18:57 -0700

>CJDAVI wrote:
>My main concern with a M37 is its reckless top speed of 45 mph or so. My
>had the same problem and it was difficult to take it anywhere. Some freeway
>travel is a fact of life around here (Salt Lake City, UT) especially if you
>want to get to decent camping, fishing, or off road spots. While the MUTT is
>not fast, it can motor along at 60 mph or so, making it less of a road
>and tolerable for a family trip to the mountains.
i write:

way back when i was in the scouts one of the leaders had an m-152 which
is basically the
same thing as an m-37 and it had a stock engine in it and only went 50
on the highway.but
none of that really mattered to any of us at the time. we we're just
glad to get out in the mountains
and do some four wheeling in the mud and the snow.we'd sleep in the back
at night and explore
old logging roads in the day.since none of the other leaders had a truck
as rugged as this we
were able to extend our trips a little further into the
more time was spent crawling
at low speed in the mountains then high speed on the highway. we did
this for years until
we threw a piston rod through the oil pan on a return camping trip.this
all must of left an impression
on me because now i own an m-43. so the moral of the story is: if
you live near the mountains
buy an m-37. if you live in the prairies buy a winnebago.

best of luck

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